Topical Jokes


Residents of coastline cities can’t agree on how to pay for the associated costs of rising seas.  When asked for advice, the lost city of Atlantis had no response.


Amid reports of sexual harassment and his handling of COVID in nursing homes, NY governor Andrew Cuomo who is normally very visible in the public eye, has recently been unresponsive to phone calls. Apparently the only phone calls he is taking are the ones to extend your car’s warranty.


Far right extremists are fracturing into smaller, harder to track groups amid gaining popularity from Capitol riot. If white nationalist groups keep breaking apart, the only thing left will be cracker crumbs.

A guest at a wedding reception was left “shocked and embarrassed” after NY Governor Andrew Cuomo aggressively tried to give her an unwanted kiss. The only time wedding guests should ever feel shocked and embarrassed is when I attempt to do the funky chicken.