Adam is a comedy writer & performer who has studied comedy writing with Rich Talarico, Peter Grosz, Kevin McDonald, Doug Karo, and Kim “Howard” Johnson. As an improvisor he has taken classes from Will Hines, Dave Razowsky, Carla Cackowski, Nick Armstrong, and Josh Nicols. Adam has taken classes through the Annoyance Theatre, Magnet Theater, and Second City; and is a regular performer at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre.

Adam lives in PA with his wife and two daughters. In his extremely limited spare time, he cuts apart wood and glues it back together. Sometimes the result is furniture.


Fast-food chain Taco Bell has launched a new ad campaign featuring comedian Pete Davidson to apologize for going “a little too far” with its breakfast menu. Since the launch of the campaign, Pete Davidson is in a happy relationship with a breakfast burrito.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s football game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks, a player got carted off the field so he could use the bathroom. Anyone who’s had poo poo pains knows that it feels like a career ending injury.

It was recently reported that the most expensive home ever purchased is a California mansion known as “The One” that is 105 thousand square-feet. Coincidentally, the new Jordan Peele movie is about a house that it’s impossible to navigate.


A new study on raccoons has reportedly added evidence that animals are likely evolving to thrive in human-created landscapes. Many of us already knew animals can master the subway.

According to recent studies, the average cost of a wedding last year was between 27 and 28 thousand dollars. The average cost would have been significantly lower if your father-in-law didn’t insist on the prime rib station.

Following the creation of new services, people can now pay for their weddings using installment plans. This finally allows you to combine the wedding of your dreams and the interest rates of your reality.


According to a new study, shy raccoons learn more easily than bolder ones. However, bolder raccoons are more likely to date your girlfriend.

According to reports, Jupiter on Monday came the closest it’s been to Earth in 59 years. To which Earth replied, “So now you want back in my life?”

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