Microsoft is shutting down the LinkedIn app in China amid scrutiny. Millions of Chinese people will now have to rely on networking at dangerous factories.

The USA Luge team took their 1st runs of the season on Lake Placid track. Because of climate change the athletes optwere able to make it easily down the slide and into the splash pool.

Shredded Banksy artwork sells for $25.4 million at auction. Which means by now my cat is trying to sell my couch.

China set to send 3 astronauts on the longest crewed mission yet. The crew is expected to be in space for 6 months, which is how long it took William Shatner to get into his spacesuit.

Harvard’s largest-in-the-nation endowment surpasses $53B. Which will almost cover a year’s tuition.

‘As seen on TikTok’ is the new ‘As seen on TV’. One person you won’t see on TikTok is Billy Mays.