A Japanese billionaire gets ready for a December space mission. It makes sense why a billionaire would want to go to space, because space is the furthest you can be out of touch.

QAnon figure says he’s running for Congress in Arizona. Even though his constituency is in AZ, he’ll only be listening to anonymous people on the internet.

A court ruled that a town must turn over emails to a gas pipeline builder. If the pipeline builder wants to have good luck, he must pass those emails along to ten people.

The Nebraska Attorney General ruled that doctors can prescribe controversial COVID drugs. This is great news if you’re a mare with worms.

Seattle schools suspending over 100 bus routes. Now teens will be even more tired and depressed at school.

Sandwich-themed New Orleans festival put off due to COVID-19. Festival goers will have to settle at home for a PB&J on two end pieces.

Hong Kong seizes smuggled Australian lobsters amid China ban. The lobsters were discovered in an Outback.